Benefits of weighted vest

Benefits of the weighted vest are manifold. People from different countries and cultures have been using weighted clothes in their intensive training for years. Weighted clothes are mostly used for losing weights, increasing strength,  stamina and other athletic performances.

Previously this practice was mostly observed in professional athletes and soldiers. The Benefits of weighted vest were mostly a  common sense at that time. The idea was, if one can train with additional weights then s/he will be able to perform better without that load later.

This scenario has been changed recently. In the last few decades, numbers of research have been conducted in this field to find out the benefits of a weighted vest. The results that are coming out from those studies are impressive. Now, the benefits of weighted clothing is not a mere common sense rather a scientific fact.

The idea of wearing weights during a workout is gaining rapid popularity among general people. Now it is attracting more fitness cautious people day by day.  Mostly because of its various degrees of health benefits.

So, what are the benefits of Weighted Vest?

Weight Loss

The most interesting benefit of weighted vest is its effectiveness in burning extra calories. Consequently to lose more weights. Getting lean and fit is undoubtedly the most desired goal for what people workouts. We want to get slim and toned to looks good.

Losing weights is directly related to burning calories. If you burn more calories than the amount you consume then you will lose weight. Cardiovascular exercises like jogging or stair climbing are an effective way of burning calories. High-intensity training results in more calorie burning. The intensity of running or jogging can be increased by increasing the pace. However, increasing pace of running after a certain level becomes very difficult. Especially for elderly persons that may cause discomfort or injuries.

Benefits of weighted vests - loosing weights faster

Loose weight fast (Benefits of Weighted Vest)

In such scenario, a weighted vest can be an effective solution. Research shows that wearing a weighted vest weigh 15% of body mass results 12% extra calorie burning.

That means, for an example, if a 170 lb weighted person runs 3 km in 30 minutes that is (1km per 10 minutes) then he will burn 240 calories. Whereas, if he wears a vest weighted 15% of his body mass (25.5 lbs) then he will be able to burn 12% (36 calories) more with the same amount of running. 

This must be very delightful news to those, who really wants to burn their fat faster. Also, it doesn’t need any extra time or money to gain that benefits.

Increase workout intensity

The main objective of wearing a weighted vest is to increase the intensity of our regular workout programs. For many working people, it is very hard to manage the time or money to hit the gym regularly. It may not even very comfortable or convenient to some people. Other may not be very interested in lifting weights or traditional resistance training. They normally depend on jogging or other free hand exercises in the open space to keep up their fitness.

Conventional cardiovascular exercises like running have some drawbacks. Our body gets used to a regular workout routine. A beginner may totally be worn out after a two-kilometer jogging. After few month he has to run more kilometer to get the same result. This may become tedious and time-consuming. A usual cardio routine slows down the progression whether it is losing weights or increasing performances.

Benefits of weighted vests- increase workout intensity

Increase workout intensity (Benefits of Weighted Vest)

Weighted vests could be a great tool intensify their usual workouts. It is nothing like lifting weights in the gym but has many similar benefits. A weighted vest evenly distributed the weights all over your body. It doesn’t occupy your grips. This is a very convenient way to add more intensity to the traditional workout.

A weighted vest is actually a form of resistance training that is weight training. Hence, they are very useful to the gym lovers as well. Some well-designed vests allow maximum arms movement. This quality makes them eligible for all sorts of weight training like bench press, squats, deadlifts etc without any obstacles. Traditional resistance training thus becomes more challenging, efficient and intense. Thus accelerates the overall progress.

Increase Over All Athletic Performance

Increasing athletic performances is another amazing benefit of a weighted vest. Athletic performance is mainly related to speed, strength and stamina. Weighted clothes have been used for increasing performance for many years now. Training with loads has already been proven to be an effective means of progression in speed, stamina, and strength.

Researchers love weighted vests. They really want to know how and to what extends this tool affects athletic performances. Therefore, hundreds of studies have been conducted in this field. Encouraging results are coming out from those research. Training with loads has a dynamic impact on some core factors that affects human’s athletic performances.

Benefits of weighted vest - increase athletic performances

Increase athletic performances (Benefits of Weighted Vest)

Increase Running Economy

Weighted vest has a remarkable impact on improving running economy. A study conducted by Barnes KR showed that warming up with weighted vest results significant improvement in running performance. It happens via leg stiffness and running economy. A paper published on 2013 about an experiment with eleven highly trained distance runner. Each runner was gone through a systematic warm-up routine wearing a weighted vest for 5-7 days. The vests were weighed 20% of their body mass.

This experiment recorded a significant improvement in peak running speed and leg stiffness. Also, a huge progression in running economy also found. The researchers concluded that performance improves because of change in leg stiffness due to wearing a weighted vest.

Improve Change of direction speed (CODS)

Change of direction speed is an important factor of athletic performance. A study shows that warming up while wearing weighted vest can actually increase CODS (change of direction speed).

Jumping performance

Training with extra weights also improves athletes jumping performance. Researcher AD Faigenbaum explained the optimize use of weight clothes. According to him, dynamic warm-up with 2% of body mass is the most effective warm-up practice. This enhances the overall jumping performance of female athletes.

Reduce flight time

The weighted vest also improves overall running performance by reducing flight time. Researchers have analyzed the motion changes during sprint wearing loads. They found a significant impact on reducing flight time.  This means they spent more time with their feet on the floor because of the weight.

Improved neuromuscular performance

Improving the neuromuscular performance is another benefit of a weighted vest. Researchers found that wearing a weighted vest during daily activities excluding sporting activities improves neuromuscular performance. This impact is greater in young adults. Recently a study was conducted by T R Antalainen in Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research. The aim was to investigate the impact of using weighted vests on young adults. The experiment was done on wearing weights alone in daily activities. This did not include any sporting activities. To get the best out of it, one has to use weighted vest during 50% of the training session. Also, the weight should be 5-10% of body weights to optimize the impact.

Promote better posture

Improving poor posture is one of other indirect benefits of a weighted vest. Poor posture not only makes your look awful but also creates several health problems. Research shows that poor posture impedes expansion of lungs. Thus causes breathing problems. It acts as a risk factor in shoulder and neck injuries, especially for athletes. Poor posture is like a vicious cycle. Initially, a little deviation from an ideal position may cause fatigue or small injuries. This small deviation can become normal after time and worsen the situation more.

Good news is few modern weighted vests can force to you keep ideal posture. Long time use of these vests improves your permanent posture. Consequently, prevents the risks associated with poor posture.

Increase bone density

It is a well-known fact that a well designed weighted vest can increase bone density. Several pieces of research have been conducted on this issue. In a recent study, Puthoff ML shows that using a weighted vest during jogging can increase bone metabolism. It also increases the loading of the skeletal system. As a result bone density increases.  Thus, it greatly reduces the risk of bone turnover and bone porosity.

Wearing weights is also beneficial for preventing bone decay in senior people. This effect is greater in older women. There are some weighted vests are available in the market that is specially designed for women. 

There are few other benefits of weighted vests. Special types of vests are used for curing autism or other hyperactive disorders. Check out this article to know more about the therapeutic uses of weighted vests.

We all know that regular workout is crucial for everyone to live a long healthy life. Well, this impact of physical exercise can be increased with the help of a well constructed weighted vest. There are many high-quality weighted vests are available in the market. Try to choose chose carefully from them. A poorly chosen vest can be harmful.

There are lots of benefits of weighted vests but like any other weight training, excessive weights can be deleterious. It would be wise to start with small amount of weight in the beginning. Later your body adjusts to that weight, you can increase weights step by step.

N.B. Consult your doctor before using any weighted clothes if you have any serious health problem.





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I hadn’t heard before the benefit to posture. It makes sense, just hadn’t thought about it before.

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