ZFOsports -Best Weighted Vest With the Cheapest Price

Best weighted vest with cheapest price

Best weighted vest with the cheapest price

If you are looking for a high quality weighted vest with a great price then you can try ZFOsports Adjustable weighted vest (20LBs, 40LBs & 60LBs). This vest ensures great user experience with a fascinating price. We recommend this vest as high quality weighted vest with the cheapest price.  


MiR’s weighted vests gained enormous popularity for its great design, balanced weight distribution, and affordability. ZFOsports Adjustable Weighted Vest of different weights is no doubt is one of the best weighted vests out there. Based on various weight limits, starting from 20 lbs, the manufacturer produces different categories of weighted vests targeting different groups of people. All the ZFOsports weighted vests have similar features.The greatest advantage of this weighted vest is its unbelievable cheap price while maintaining the high quality.  

Editor’s Rating

 For the last one year, I have examined dozens of weighted vests that are available in the market. Based on my elaborate research on those vests and the user preferences I find out twenty specific factors that actually determine the ultimate quality of a weighted vest. When I analyze the weighted vests I score them out of five in each factors and finally take the average score to find out the ultimate rank of a weighted vest.

In the following table, I have shown the score for ZFOsports Adjustable weighted vest force weighted shirt system under each quality factors.

Editor's Ratings (ZFOsports -Best weighted vest with cheapest price)

Quality FactorsRatings (Out of 5)Quality FactorsRatings (Out of 5)
Price5Using complexity5
Comfort 4Weight limit5
Fitting4.5Running suitability3
Weight Distribution5Push-up/pull up 5
Weight Distribution5Cardio, aerobics4
Mobility/ Flexibility4Resistance training 5
Design3.5Odor problem4
Bulkiness3Eligibility of long time use3
Washable4User satisfaction4.5

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The Average rating of this great vest is 4.25 that is the third position among all the best vests now available.  

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Product Features

Low Price (check latest price in Amazon)

Why I love this vest?

The fact is not many of us are willing to spend much on workout gears. Well, here is the good news; you won’t have to spend even near to a hundred bucks o get this bad boy.  

The greatest plus point of ZFOsports Adjustable Weighted Vest is its unbelievable low price. Like always, MiR comes here to save our extra money by providing this vest for the cheapest price comparing to all its competitors without even compromising any nice features. How great is that?  Check out the recent price of this vest here.

All weights are removable and adjustable in 2.5-Pound increments

As you already know, this weighted vest provides 2.5 of adjustable weight packs. So, a first-time user can easily adjust the weight to his comfort level and start using this vest. Later when he/she approaches to more advanced level can always increase the weight of the vest by 2.5 lbs increments. This small weight pack gives you great flexibility to increase the weights as you like to achieve your desired fitness goal. 

One size fits most

ZFOsports Adjustable Weighted Vest doesn’t give you any size variation. This is completely fine because the vests are designed in such a way so that it fits almost all unless you are too skinny. You can still wear these vests if you are too skinny but then the weights may swing a bit during jogging or other workouts. Besides that, anyone can wear this vest with a great fit.

Designed for both men and women

This is what they claimed in their product features. I think, if you are women with curves then it might felt little weird in your chest. Beside, the design and shape of this vest isn’t very feminine. I am not saying women cannot wear this vest but I think this vest is more suitable for men.

Girls can check out these products.

Comes with a Velcro belt that keeps the vest tight to the body

Staying the weights stable during the most intense workout is a must quality for a weighted vest. 40lb isn’t a joke, and you know that. If the vest doesn’t attach to your body snugly during a workout session and all that 40 lbs moves around then it could be pretty painful and distracting.

You are in luck again, After the feature of ‘great price’, snug fitting is another specialty of ZFOsports Adjustable Weighted Vest.

This vest is specially designed to adjust your body shape and stay there tightly during the most intensive workouts. Because of its tight and custom fit design, the associated weights does not shift or bounce during an intense workout. That is why this vest is perfect for running, polymeric, hiking, lateral drills and vertical jumps.


Discomfort is a common problem for most of the weighted vest especially the heavy ones. ZFOsports Adjustable Weighted Vest is comfortable compared to its other competitors. However, if the shoulder part has more pads than it would be better. Some users add extra padding for higher comfort. But hey, do you want to increase your workout intensity? Then know that there is no comfortable way to do that. 40 lbs extra weights on your body will still cost some comforts no matter how much pad you add.


ZFOsports Adjustable Weighted Vest is designed nicely to maximize arms movement. Unlike many other weighted vests, it allows you to move and breathe freely during training which is also very comfortable. Because of this coolness, you can follow different types of high intensity training program without any difficulties.

Even weight distribution

The weights are distributed evenly all over the torso area. So, it reduces the chances of injuries due to the extra weights.  

Suitable workouts

Apart from slow running or jogging, this weighted vest is also very suitable for other body weight exercises i.e. squats, lunges, dips, pull-ups, push-ups, etc. You can also increase resistance in all your strength training in the gym without confronting any discomfort and immobility.

Sprinting with full weights loaded may not be a very good idea for your joints especially in the beginning stage; however, you can do that if you are totally confident about your strengths and stamina.

Read user reviews here!

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Pros of ZFOsprots Adjustable Weighted Vest

  • Fits properly and hugs tight (with double abdomen straps ) and very much comfortable at the same time
  • Forces to maintain excellent posture
  • Flexible enough to free breath and movement
  • Great for running and other cardio and strength training
  • Suitable for any size and shape
  • Cheapest price without compromising the quality

Cons of ZFOsports Adjustable Weighted Vest

  • Putting all the parts of the vest together in the beginning, when it first arrived, can be little tedious and confusing. However, with the help of attached instruction and patience, you can easily sort it out.
  • This vest isn’t waterproof
  • The huge size of this vest is very much noticeable and you can hear few comments about SWAT team vests when you go out in public for running… which can be a good thing too 😉

Best vest with cheapest price

Instruction (ZFOSprorts Adjustable weighted vest – Best vest with the cheapest price)


Will it fit a bigger man?


Are they suitable for small man?

With double abdomen straps, it fits any shapes whether you are a large man with broad shoulder or a small man with a petite feature.

Are they suitable for running?

They are suitable for low-speed running and walking. However, they are not very suitable for sprinting.

Are they suitable for pull-ups and push-ups?

Perfect for all body weight exercises including push-ups and pull-ups

How can I wash them?

Yes, you can, but remove all the weights before washing them.

Are they suitable for women?

Mostly but it could be little uncomfortable for them

Can I buy additional weights later?


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