Best Weighted Vest for Women in 2017 – Editor’s Pick

Hyperwear- the best weighted vest for women

Hyperwear- the best weighted vest for women

There are numbers of weighted vests you can find in the market. But, unfortunately, if you are women and want to increase your regular workout intensity by wearing a weighted vest then you don’t have many options. Yes, you may find some vests labeling with “weighted vests for women or unisex design”, but a high quality weighted vests suitable for women is rare. In this review article we have made our recommendation for the best weighted vest for women.


Most of the high quality weighted vests are designed for men’s body though they are claimed to be unisex. The truth is they are not. You may buy and somehow workout with one of those for a few times- but the fact is, you cannot continue with them. The result will be a complete wastage of money.

You may be wondering, why I am making those comments. Well, two major quality factors conflict with the decision of using you a men’s weighted vest.

Problems associated with men’s weighted vests

First, fitting problem; we know men and women body types are different. And, it is obvious that a cloth designed for men body cannot fit well to women’s body. Snug fitting is very important quality for a weighted vest; if the vest moves or bounce during workout they are of no use at all. It may hurt you or injure you.

The second one is the comfort factor; most of the weighted vests contain sand bad or heavy metal weight distributed mostly back and chest area. These weights in the front provide discomfort during working out for women. Believe me, you won’t like those vests that rub your skins uncomfortably.

There are some other factors of men’s weighted vests design i.e. bulkiness, outlooks etc that are not very suitable for women as well especially if you are a person with a petite shape.

Good News!

Now, the good news is there are few weighted vests exist that are really designed for women body shape to ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort. I have done a thorough research on all the available high quality vests for women with help of some volunteers (I am very grateful to them) and as I did to other weighted vests- I scored them in all twenty quality factors. When I did this scoring I always considered the fact that they are particularly designed for women.

Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Unisex 10-Pound Adjustable Weighted Vest for Fitness Workouts by Hyperware

Hyperwear- Great fitting

Hyperwear Vest – The best weighted vest

First of all, I want to mention about Hyperweight weighted vests. I have a detailed review on this vest, so I am not going to repeat everything here. But, one thing you should know before going down to my other recommendations- Hyperwear weighted vest is the best vest for both man and women currently available in the market. So, other vests that I recommend here are going after Hyperwear.

You may be wondering if Hyperwear is undoubtedly the best one then why going for others. Well- Hyperwear has two major drawbacks- little expensive and weight limits. You will have to pay if you want to add extra weights other than that come with the vests.  But, you know –you will always have to pay more to get a really good one. This vest is a superb quality weighted vest. If you want to spend some more on a weighted vest, then I recommend you to go for Hyperwear.

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There are some other good competitors exists in the market who are providing quality weighted vests for women with much cheaper price.

Among them, my top recommendation is Empower Women’s Weighted Fitness Vest, 8 pounds for cardio and weight loss By Empower

Empower Women’s Weighted Fitness Vest, 8 pounds for cardio and weight loss By Empower

Empower Women's Weighted Fitness Vest for cardio and fat loss best weighted vest for women

Empower Women’s Weighted Fitness Vest for cardio and fat loss

This one is a great product for women who want to spice up their regular workout routine and intensify that, satisfying their time constraints. If you don’t want to start with a heavy vest then this vest is truly for you. The price is also very convenient compared to Hyperwear. Regardless of its low price, this vest is still a very high quality product with cool features.

Great fitting and very comfortable

The best feature, I think, is its comfortable nature. You will like how this vest fits you. This vest remains secure during a workout of any kind and doesn’t shift or bounce during high intensity workouts. It has enough padding in the shoulder area that protects you from getting hurt by the additional weights.

best weighted vest for running

Stealth Buckles

Best fashionable weighted vest for women

Small phone pocket

It has sufficient openings for ventilation and breathing. For these reasons, you can wear them for a longer period of time. You can even wear this vest during the time when you are not working out and do your daily works like mowing the lawn easily. Thus, burn some extra calories without even spending more time for this.

Cool Design

The design is also very fashionable that adjust perfectly to a women body. You will not face uncomfortable rubbing during a workout session. Also unlike other inexpensive weighted vest this one is not bulky at all; rather you will be surprised by its thin feature. You can easily go outside wearing this vest under a little-oversized shirt and remain unnoticed.

It contains a pocket hole for cell phones. Though this pocket might not fit most smartphones but you can use it for small size phones, iPod or key like things conveniently.

Suitable for all types of workouts

This vest allows free upper arm movements. So, you can do any kind of workouts wearing this vest i.e. jogging, sprinting, push-ups, pull-ups, aerobics, squats, lunges etc. This vest is also suitable for intense cardio (plyometrics and Tabata workouts) workout training like shown T’s insanity asylum program or hip-hop abs or any other intense cardio programs.

Product Features of Empower Women’s Weighted Vest

  • Women’s weighted workout vest made of soft, stretchy lycra/spandex
  • Adds weight and resistance to workouts or everyday activities
  • Unique “X” – shaped design distributes weight more evenly over most body types
  • 8lb weight burns more calories in less time
  • Maintains easily with spot cleaning

Pros of Empower Women’s Weighted Vest

  • Very reasonable price
  • Great design that comfortably fits a female body
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • Ensure snug fitting to anyone whether you are large or petite with its adjustable straps
  • Sufficient ventilation make eligible for long time use
  • Pretty thin compared to other available weighted vests
  • Great vest for cardio training i.e. running, walking, climbing etc
  • Great for body weight exercises
  • Suitable for any kind of workouts
  • Great for beginners

Cons of Empower Women’s Weighted Vest

  • Weights are not adjustable
  • Maximum weight is 8 lb which cannot be increased

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ZEYU Sports Walking/ Running Fitness Weighted Vest 8LBS By ZEYU Sports

Zeyu Sports Fitness Weighted Vest for running Best weighted vest for women

Zeyu Sports Fitness Weighted Vest for running 

If you are looking for a weighted vest just to add some resistance in your morning or evening walk then this vests will be a great choice. This vest is specially made for women so it suits and fits women body indifference to any sizes. So, you don’t have to concern if you are women blessed with large chests or women with a petite frame. Unlike many other vests, this one takes care of these issues with its skillful design.

ZEYU Sports Walking Fitness Weighted Vest is pretty cheap weighted vest comparing to its competitors. Despite its low price this vest ensures all the quality that you could want in weighted vests. 

After initial adjustment, it is very easy to put in and out this vest with its quick release buckle. The elastic nature of the materials ensures easy breathing when you ended up after your workouts. It contains only 8lbs weight that makes it great for beginners to start up with weights. Weights are distributed evenly which stays snug during workouts.

Weights are not adjustable, which is a downside of this vest. However, this weight is perfect for women who just only rely on jogging or slow running. You will find it difficult to believe how this small amount of weight can makes you regular workout challenging.

This vest is especially suitable for walking, slow running, pull ups, pushups or other slow moving cardio routines. You can also use it in your weight training if you want to boost your workout intensity farther. 

This vest is certainly a great tool for elderly women. They can use this vest to increase bone density and also to reduce the chances of bone porosity.

 Product Features of ZEYU Sports Walking/ Running Fitness Weighted Vest

  • Contains total 8lb weights
  • Made from synthetic rubber, a sustainable resource
  • Adjustable form-fitting design with quick-release buckle
  • It contains reflector that increases security while running outside
  • It has adequate padding that reduce the chances of fatigue or injuries

Pros of ZEYU Sports Walking/ Running Fitness Weighted Vest

  • Suits and fits perfectly to women body regardless size and shape
  • Design ensures any uncomfortable rubbing to women body parts
  • Fits snugly and remain stable during workout
  • Easy to put in and remove
  • Even weight distribution ensures great balances
  • Comfortable with adequate padding
  • Reflector ensures safety during walking outside

 Cons of ZEYU Sports Walking/ Running Fitness Weighted Vest

  • Weights are not adjustable
  • Not very suitable for workouts that involve high mobility

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Apart from the above weighted vests, there are also few other weighted vests that are also suitable for women. Check out our complete buyer’s guide to know more. 



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