A comprehensive guide to manage your weight effectively

Proper Weight Management Method for weight loss

Effective Weight Management Method for weight loss

Excessive weight or obesity is becoming a common problem in our country indifferent to men, women and children. Due to our busy life and work pressure we forced to depend on unhealthy junk foods a lot. Also spending enough time on physical exercise is like a luxury to many working people. However, overweight caused so many problems that we can not overlook this problem anymore.  Serious planning and efforts are required to overcome this frightful growing problem of obesity. Hence, an effective Weight Management Plan for Weight Loss is the first step to overcome this crisis.

Frustrating thing is, we may seriously considered the necessity of weight management and tried to take some measures to stop gaining extra weights but in most cases our efforts just failed in vain. No matter how effective weight reduction method or program we follow it may not bring us our desired results.


The only one reason behind our failure is lack of dedication. We never stick to our weight management program for long. We should remember that losing weight in a healthy and proper way is not like taking candy from a baby.  

To ensure successful weight loss, one has to be enduring, methodical and has to abide by a fixed routine with unflinching determination. When it comes to slimming, there is no quick path to success. You have to decide your goals, and then strive hard with proper guidance from an expert.

So, what are the components of an effective weight reduction program?

Components of weight loss plan

components of effective weight management method for weight loss

Good weight loss programs are generally simple, but you are required to balance an everyday exercise routine with a carefully crafted, healthy diet. This helps you create controlled consumption, and you eat only as much food as is required for healthy survival.

Following a proper weight reduction plan consistently is tough but making a plan for that is pretty easy. Apart from the first and most important component “determination” there are other two things that are the most important:

  1. Healthy Diet and
  2. Regular physical exercise


1 Healthy Diet Plan

If you just Google “diet plan for weight loss” you will find millions of plans on the internet. Most of them are effective – well, for some. But one thing I must say, each person is unique in terms of their body type, shape and in tastes for foods. So, an effective diet plan should also be unique for everyone.

You may take help from an expert for that but my suggestion is – you should make your own diet plan. No one knows you better than yourself.  So, it is obvious that you can make the most feasible and plausible plan for yourself. But, for that you must know some basic information about foods, calories etc. Now, let’s talk about the basics of an effective diet plan.

Basic concept of weight loss:

If you consume fewer calories than you actually burn each day then you will lose weights. That means, for example, if you burn 1500 cal per day then you have to consume less than 1500 calories per day to lose weight. The less you consume compare to your calorie usage the more you lose weight. It is as simple as that.  


So, for doing that you need to know two things

  • How much calories you actually require each day and
  • How much calories a particular food contains

Getting that information is easy. There are hundreds of sites you can find in the internet with calorie calculator and the amount of calories in common foods.  Here is two site addresses:



You should also check the labels before buying any food. This is a helpful article to know how to use those labels efficiently. 

When you set your daily calorie consumption goal and the amount of calories in food you just need to make a plan for your daily meals.  But remember, calorie count is not the only thing that you should consider while planning your daily meal. Ensuring healthy balance diet is also crucial.

Guideline for a balanced diet plan

The perfect diet should focus largely on protein-rich foods, green vegetables, and domestic preparations. However, eating foods with lots of sugar or saturated fats should be always avoided. Most food items in the stores now come with labels which display their constituents and nutrient content. Do not fail to go through these labels prior to purchasing food products. Moreover, there are some items that are infamous for very high calorie content and low nutrition, such as junk food, and these must not be taken.

                  Preparing balance meal is simple. You just need to fill half of your plate with vegetable/ salad/                      fruits, 1/4th with Protein and the rest 1/4th with carbohydrate. Also, don’t forget to add 1 teaspoon of fat with your meal.

Your plate should be a normal sized 9 inch dinner plate and the height of food should not be more than 1 and half inches. If you remain hungry after this then you can take more vegetable or salad. 

Diet Plan for weight loss

Proper portion of food for weight loss

It’s an easy way to keep track of your calorie intake without much headache. If you can follow this method then after few weeks you don’t need to worry much about the amount of calories. You will know how much calories you are consuming by just looking at the plate.   


Few other things that you need to know

Introduce more fiber rich foods into your meal

Fiber-rich food is essential for proper weight loss plan

Fiber-rich food is essential for proper weight management

Fiber is an essential ingredient of proper diet plan. Lack of fiber in your meal is a reason of depositing fats faster.

High fiber diets like vegetables or fruits make our stomach full easily without consuming a lot of calories. Also, they take more time for digestion that keeps us full for a longer time in a healthy way. Thus, we do not get hungry often. Eventually, it plays an effective role in weight loss.

Another interesting thing is fiber rich foods required more chewing than other. Thus make us more satisfied that reduces the chances of over eating.

 According to American Heart Association in general we should consume at least 25 grams of fiber daily.

Some example of fiber rich foods: whole-grain bread, vegetables, fruits especially berries, lentils, peas, beans, wheat bran, pop corns etc.

Caution: Increase the amount of fiber enriched food slowly in your meal and also drink more water with high-fiber foods. 

Do not Skip your Breakfast

Healthy breakfast is must for proper weight loss plan

Healthy breakfast is must for proper weight loss plan

Skipping meal is a bad habit. Unfortunately many people try to skip breakfast or lunch when they are on diet. People also tend to do that because of the morning rush. Skipping meal may shows good result in the beginning but trust me it won’t bring anything good in the long run. Study (Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2005) shows that people who normally skip their breakfast are more likely to gain excessive weights.

Eat Breakfast within one hour of waking up

 Metabolism is the basic factor of burning calories. People with low metabolism are more likely to become overweight. During sleeping time out body do not get any food. Consequently the metabolism slows down. Delayed breakfast instigate starvation protection system that slows down the metabolism even more. Thus our body tends to store energy in the form of fat.  

So, it’s a nice trick to kick your metabolism by eating breakfast as soon as possible after wake up.

Eat at least five times daily

Try to take at least 3 major and 2 minor meals daily at approximate intervals of three hours. Try to follow the above balance diet suggestion every time.

Staying away from all the fun food could be frustrating and difficult. If you get really hungry then you  may forget your diet plan and eat some junk food. Eating at short and regular interval will keep you energetic and satisfied. Thus reduces the chances of giving up on your diet plan. 

Also, eating at short interval also increase your metabolism. As I said earlier, higher metabolism is crucial for managing weight.

Stop eating three hours before bed

Another crucial thing that you should always keep in your mind is “never go to bed with full stomach“. It’s a dangerous habit. Your body starts digesting after eating. So, you are not actually wasting your resting time if you sleep with full stomach. Also, during sleeping you are not actually utilizing any energy that are generating from digestion process. Hence, this energy stores directly as fat in your body.

Result is overweight.

Prepare your food earlier

Food preparation for proper weight loss program

Home made ready food helps you to stay away from unhealthy foods

 If you always prepare your food when you are hungry then change this habit. When we get hungry then it become difficult to control ourselves from having harmful foods. At that time we become more vulnerable to easily accessible junk foods.

So, always plan for the future and prepare for that. I would suggest you to prepare your food for the following whole week. Fast plan and then cook your healthy diets for the next seven days during weekend and store them in different small boxes in your refrigerator. Trust me; managing your healthy diets will be a lot easier this way.

Drink enough fresh water

Drinking Water is crucial for weight loss

Drink sufficient amount of water

Another crucial aspect of effective weight management is drinking adequate fresh water. There is a misconception exists among some people who believe drinking water can make us fat. But the actual fact is completely the opposite. Many researchers have found that drinking adequate fresh has direct and indirect impact on losing extra weights.

In 2008 a research was conducted on overweight dieting women by JD Stookey in Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, Oakland, California, USA. This study found that increase of drinking water associated significant body weight loss. Interesting thing was that this loss of body weights includes fats as well.

There is no fixed amount of how much one should drink. It varies people to people depending on their activity, body shapes, and how much you sweating etc. General idea is you should drink as much as you need to meet your thirst. However, in general rules one adult person should drink at least eight glasses (8-oz) which is around 2 liters of water daily. 

2 Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is must for weight loss

Physical exercise is must for weight loss

Physical exercise is also as important as proper diet to manage weight effectively. A minimum level of physical exercise is not only necessary for losing weight but also crucial for a healthy fit body.

Sports such as basket ball, swimming, cycling etc are often a good idea as they provide you a well-rounded workout. You can pick someone who has a similar routine like you have, and engage him in your sports activities as that will always keep you pepped up and inspired.

Plan for yourself

Similar to diet plan workout routine should be customized considering individual’s physical features, age, work types etc. Sometimes, it is good to appoint a personal trainer who can devise a specific program for you and help you follow it. This becomes all the more important if you were unable to find a partner for the program.

However, I don’t think you must need a full-time trainer to govern you all the time in this case. With proper patience and little support from any experience friend and internet you can easily come up with a suitable workout plan for you. There are many helpful website you can find on the web that provides these types of support.

Choose carefully

It’s not about how badass program you are choosing for you. It’s about whether you can really stick to that program or not. Don’t go for a really difficult workout plan initially. Select something easy to follow but at the same time difficult enough to sweats you.

Before selecting a plan for yourself fix your goal to achieve. Fix a target of what you want to achieve within a certain period. Whether it is to lose weight or gain weight, reducing body fate you should have a precise goal.

What exercises you should do

While starting exercises many people wonders about what type of exercises they should do. There are some misconception exists about exercises for weight reduction.  Many people believe that they should follow only cardio type exercises to reduce their weight. The fact is weight training is equally important for losing weight. It is a backdated thought that lifting weights is to make giant muscles that work only for professional bodybuilders. 

It is true that cardio is a faster way to loss weights but in this way you will have to give up your precious muscles as well. Research shows that people who are doing cardio type exercises loses weight faster than the people who are doing resistance training. The reason behind this faster weight loss is cardio not only reduces body fat but also reduces lean muscles. On the other hand weight lifters losses only their extra body fats but not their lean muscles.

Lifting weight has another direct impact on weight loss. Researchers found that muscles are important for increasing metabolism. So, the more muscles you have the faster your metabolism is. And, we already know that faster metabolism is the basic factor behind calorie burning. 

 So, it actually depends on you. If you want to loss weights but want to have muscles at the same time then you should probably consider weight training as well. My suggestion is to mixing them up. Keep both types of exercises in your routine and allocate time for them. They are both tremendously important for weight management.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can do the Trick

Try HIIT for effective weight loss

Try HIIT for effective weight management


HIIT is a new sensation in the world of cardio. It’s an interesting exercise strategy that includes a high intensity workout period (i.e. running at 8-10 km/hr for 2 min) and then a low intensity workout period (i.e.4 km/hr for 2 min) for recovery. This process will go consecutively for a certain time period without any break or rest. 

Several researches have been done on HIIT that found very encouraging results. HIIT, compare to conventional low intensity steady cardio is much more effective in terms of calorie burning and performance progression.  

How much time you should spend on exercise

 It also depends on your body type, stamina, target etc. However, in the beginning excessive exercise could do more harm than benefits. So, start slowly but steadily from beginner to more advance level.  

If you are following a cardio plus weight training routine then my recommendation is to keep the workout time from 45 to 60 min. There is actually no need to go further than that.

Sufficient rest is tremendously crucial for your muscle recovery. So, if you are doing weight lifting then you should give your muscles enough time (48 hrs at least) to recover. Considering this, try to keep your weight training in three to four days per week.

If you are following only cardio type exercise then 1 resting day per week is enough.

Track your progress

Tracking your progression towards your goal is crucial. It will help you to monitor your overall progress to the ultimate goal of weight loss. In this way you can evaluate your plan and modify it if necessary to make it more effective. Before starting your workout routine prepare a Workout Journal to keep records of your body features at different stages of your program and keep the daily workout descriptions.

What to track and how to track

  • Keep records of your initial body measurements i.e. neck, waist, bust, hips, thighs, biceps, wrist etc.
  • Measure your body weight, percentage of body fat and write it down in your journal
  • Keep an approximate record of your diets/ calorie consumption
  • Take picture of yourself i.e. front, behind, sidewise and keep them in your journal
  • Keep track of your daily workouts in detail i.e. how many sets you did, how much weight you lifted, how long you was on the treadmill etc.


  1. Do not forget to record the date with every data and picture you take
  2. Update those data in a regular basis; at least in 7 to 14 days interval


Keeping track of your body features will give you the motivation to go further and work harder. It will also help you to readjust your workout plan. Also, keeping track of your workout will help you to compare your performance and strength with your previous self.

To success in a weight management program needs dedication. Consistency plays the key factor here. One thing that you should always keep in your mind, any natural weight management plan doesn’t give immediate results bodily. You need to be patient and keep following the plan. Gradually you will see that it immensely contributes to attaining a slim and well-shaped body. However, their biggest benefit is that unlike other methods, the results of a natural and balanced regimen will be felt for a long time.



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