Healthy soup recipes for weight loss- are they really effective?

Soup recipes for weight loss

Soup recipes for weight loss

If you were to do a simple search on Google, you’d be able to find virtually unending resources on “healthy soup recipes for weight loss”. Soup’s reputation as a nutritious, wholesome meal in itself is well deserved. They are easy to make, delicious to have, and the ingredients don’t cost you the earth either. Any time you don’t feel like cooking up an entire meal, you can make do with a large bowl of soup and go to bed feeling quite satiated.

But, is soup good for weight loss?

To answer this question you will need to know a bit about how the digestive system of the body functions. When you have a regular meal – one that comprises of solid food and water – the food is held in the pyloric sphincter valve located at the bottom of your stomach where the digestive juices get down to metabolizing the food.

The water you drink, on the other hand, passes straight onto your intestines through the sphincter, thereby failing to keep you full for a substantial period of time after your meal.

However, when you blend the solid with the liquid, as you do when making soup, the entire content is retained in the stomach to be digested, keeping you feeling full for longer. And, this is not just me speaking off the top of my hat here. Scientists and researchers have actually used MRI scans and Ultrasound to monitor and document what is going on inside the stomach.

Soup recipes for weight loss

Healthy soup recipes for weight loss – are they really effective?

In fact, BBC carried out an experiment for a very popular program “10 Things You Need to Know about Losing Weight”. One group of participants was given a regular meal comprising of solid food and water while the other group was given the same meal in soup form. It was observed that those who had the soup reported being full for much longer than those who’d had a solid meal – in fact, almost an hour and a half longer!

In another study conducted by Penn State University, a couple of very interesting facts came to light. Firstly, by including a soup as the first course for lunch, you can actually reduce your calorie intake during the meal by as much as 20%.

Soup recipes for weight loss

Reduces calorie intake up to 20%

It was also observed that participants that who had soup for lunch felt fuller throughout the day in spite of reduced calorie intake, and they did not try and make up for the deficit at dinner time.

So, as you can see, there seems to be some merit in the claim made by soup diets for weight loss. But given the staggering variety of soups in the market, which is the best one to lose weight? Ideally, the soup to include in your weight-loss routine would be based on the following considerations.

  • Low-calorie, not more than 100-150 calories per serving
  • Broth-based soups are lower in calories than cream based ones
  • Low in salt content
  • Rich in vegetables

That said, there’s nothing to beat the taste and nutritive quality of homemade soups. It gives you greater control over the ingredients you add to it and you have the freedom to customize the taste according to your preference.

You could easily look up healthy soup recipes for weight loss on the Internet. Needless to say, the variety out there will be quite staggering. You are sure to find something to your taste.



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Healthy soup recipes for weight loss- are they really effective?
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