Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro Review : Why Hyperwear is our 1st Choice

Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO is a high quality weighted vest with innovative patented design, flexibility, and comfort. This weighted vest undoubtedly the best weighted vest that is now available in the market.

Why is Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro our first choice? Well, I will explain it to you step by step.


There are many good quality weighted vests are available in the market. Except some, most of these vests are good enough to serve their core purpose i.e. increase the intensity of any conventional workouts. But, this is not enough if you are looking for the best. To be qualified as the best weighted vest it should possess some crucial qualities, apart from just serving your purposes to an extent.


Well, I am clearing up this to you – let assume you want a weighted vest to increase hurdle of your daily jogging. The truth is; a backpack full of heavy books can serve this purpose. Question is, will that do for you?

I know, the answer is pretty straight forward, NO!

A high quality weighted vest should have some compulsory qualities i.e. comfort, workout suitability, design etc. If it is lacking in one major quality factor then it will very difficult or even harmful for you to workout with it. 

I have identified the twenty most important qualities that determine whether a weighted vest is good enough to own it. Based on this qualities, or you can say features, I have done an elaborate research on 11 different weighted vests that you can find in the market. 

After analyzing them, with a group of volunteers, I rated them on different quality factors individually out of 5. Finally, when I calculated the average rating out of 5, it was pretty easy to pick the the 7 best weighted vests currently available.

Among those top 7 weighted vests, Hyper wear Hyper Vest PRO scored highest, 4.75 out 5, where the second best one scored only 4.2!!!

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See the rating in all quality factors here-

Ratings (Hyperwear the best weighted vest)

Quality FactorsRatings (Out of 5)Quality FactorsRatings (Out of 5)
Price2Using complexity5
Comfort 5Weight limit3
Fitting5Running suitability5
Weight Distribution5Push-up/pull up 5
Weight Distribution5Cardio, aerobics5
Mobility/ Flexibility5Resistance training 5
Design5Odor problem5
Bulkiness5Eligibility of long time use4.5
Washable5User satisfaction5
Size option5Gender limitation5

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The Average rating of Hyperwear Hyper Vest is 4.752 out 5!

Hyperwear the best weighted vest

Hyperwear the best weighted vest


Features that make this vest tops our list

Thin Feature

The first thing that you will notice is its incredibly thin profile. I can assure you that there is no weighted vest exists in the market as thin as this one. This feather is really unbelievable considering how much weight (10 lbs) it contains. As the metal weight is only ¼ inch thick, you can wear it under your normal clothing and easily go out in the public unnoticed. This is one of its unique features which make it eligible to use even when you are not working out. One can wear this vest whole day if he or she wants without much problem and burn extra calories.

Hyperwear- The best weighted vest

Hyperwear is amazingly thin

This is an interesting concept, if you get used to carrying an extra ten pounds all the time, then you will feel like a feather when you aren’t wearing them. You will have the wonderful feelings that a superhero would felt, I guess- fast, strong and incredible stamina.

Thus, in the shape and design department, Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO completely beat its all competitor to a great dead.


Fitting is a crucial factor which is a must quality of a good weighted vest. And guess what, Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO also scored awesome in Fitting sector – 5 out of 5!!!

The producer of this vest provides 5 sizes for different body sizes. So, you don’t need to hang up on “One size fits most” tag. Identify your size and order according to that- these will obviously grant better fits. One tip that I want to give you here, try to order one size smaller than your preferred size i.e. if you think your size is XXL then order an XL for snug fitting.

Hyperwear- Great fitting

Hyperwear vest ensure snug fitting

Hyperwear- Great Fitting

Hyperwear vest ensure comfortable fitting

It has openings on both sides with only drawcord laces that you can use to adjust the vest to your body more perfectly. Besides, it has a front zipper which allows you to put on and out very easily.  In every aspect, this vest is designed to fit your body snugly indifferent to your body size and shape.

According to the manufacturer, the innovative design of the Hyper Vest PRO holds high-density steel weights firmly and comfortably close to the core, even during vigorous, multi-plane movement. The fabric wraps the chest firmly but allows full chest expansion and contraction for breathing while the weights stay in place.


Again a perfect score!!! Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO ensures maximum comfort that you can get while wearing and a weighted vest. Comfort depends on combined result of snug fitting, adequate padding in the shoulder region, breathability, even weight distribution, fabric etc.

I have already talked about this vest’s superior “fitting” quality before, now will describe other factors of comfort.

Weight distribution

There are 80 small weight pockets evenly spreads in the back and front of the vest that ensures proper distribution of weights. The weights sits evenly around your torso to make it more balanced and comfortable


The side opening of this vest allows adequate ventilation which makes it suitable to use for a longer period.

Suitable Workouts

This vest fits and tightens to your body so well that no matter how you move it will remain its position fixed to your body. This makes this vest suitable for almost any kind of workout including Insanity Asylum workouts, jogging, stepping, push up, pull ups or weight training. For its outstanding design, this vest is especially the best weighted vest for running.

Not many weighted vests are suitable for High Intensity Training (HIT). Same thing goes for sprinting or  plyometric exercises. So, if you are planning to do those workouts wearing weighted vests then you must analyze which one is suitable for which workouts. It is very important. A workout with a wrong vest may cause injuries. 

Workout with Hyperwear

Lunge with Hyperwear

Workout with Hyperwear

Rope climbing with Hyperwear

Good news is Hyperwear supports HIT, sprint or any kind of high intensity workouts. You will not have to worry about hurting yourself if you wear this vest during exercise.  

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Product Features

  • Professional-grade weight vest based on a patented design and fabric
  • Comes with 10lbs of high-density steel weights with capacity for more
  • Additional booster packs of weight can be purchased to increase the load of the vest.
  • Maximum load capacity for Hyper Vest Pro: Small (23lbs), Medium (26lbs), Large (34lbs), XL (46lbs) XXL (65 lbs).
  • Thin profile provides full range of motion
  • Stretch fabric is wicking, odor resistant, cool and comfortable; open side for ventilation
  • Unisex design with side lacing for highly-adjustable fit
  • Odor resistant
  • Machine washable
  • One year warranty


A misconception

The built in weight of this vest is 10lb and some may think that this is the maximum weight you can get. Fortunately, this is not the case; you will have the opportunity to increase the weights up to a certain level depending on your vest size. The maximum load capacity for Hyper Vest Pro is for Small size 23lbs, for Medium size 26lbs, for Large size 34lbs, for XL 46lbs and for XXL size vest  65 lbs.

But, the downside is that you will have to pay more money to get extra weights!

Pros of Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro weighted vest

  • Great fit, comfortable, breathable and suitable to wear for a long time period
  • Does not move around and swing during jogging or jumping. Therefore, this vest is the best weighted vest for running, walking or jogging.
  • The vest fits perfectly under a regular t-shirt and can remain unnoticed
  • Suitable for any kind of workouts including cardio and weight training, hiking, rock climbing, badminton and several other sports
  • Tremendously slim design and very much fashionable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Easily wearable under and over normal clothing
  • Odor protected
  • Weights are evenly distributed across the front and back to spread out the impact

 Cons of Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro weighted vest

  • It may seem little expensive comparing to other vests but you know, quality has its price.
  • One can find it little uncomfortable around the neck area
  • The extra weights are severely over priced
  • Adding those extra weights can be pretty tedious

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Why do we recommend Hyperwear Hyper Pro Weighted Vest?

A Comparative analysis with other top 4 vests 

Hyperwear- Hyper Vest Pro

Hyperwear- Hyper Vest Pro

Workout Suitability

Not all weighted vests are suitable for all types of workout. So, you should choose carefully. If you follow a wide range of workout program i.e. intense cardio to weight training and want to use weighted vests while working out then Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO would be a wise decision. Its unique design makes it eligible for all sorts of physical exercise. There is only another vest (Titin) has this tremendous quality.

Workout SuitabilityHyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Unisex 10-Pound Adjustable Weighted Vest for Fitness WorkoutsTitin Force Weighted Shirt SystemZFOsports 20LBs, 40LBs & 60LBs Adjustable Weighted VestCross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest, 40 lbs (Camouflage)Pure fitness weighted vests
Slow Running and slow pace cardio Suitability55555
Sprinting or fast pase cardio suitability55632
Push-up/pull up 55555
Resistance training suitability55544
Over all suitability554.343.67

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Best weighted vest for running

Most users wonder whether running with a weighted vest is a good idea or not? The answer is – yes, if you chose the right vest, and no if you chose poorly.

Running while wearing a good weighted vest is definitely a great idea to burn extra calories. It makes your workout session more intense. In the case of running, jogging or sprinting, the right weighted vest should be a great fit, thin, comfortable and weight adjustable. Hyperwear vest pro meets all the requirement nicely. So, my opinion is Hyperwear is the surely the best weighted vest for running that you choose. 

Comfort Factors

Comfort is very crucial- if the weighted vest that you are willing to buy causes you discomfort then you will find yourself reluctant to use that. This is obvious, right? So what are the comfort factors? To my opinion comfort of a weighted vest mostly depends on proper fitting, weight distribution, bulkiness, and flexibility.  Fortunately, Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO takes care of these entire factors pretty well. Compare to other top weighted vests Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO scored highest in all four factors (table).  Apart from these, this vest has side openings that ensure adequate ventilation, unlike other vests.

Comfort FactorsHyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Unisex 10-Pound Adjustable Weighted Vest for Fitness WorkoutsTitin Force Weighted Shirt SystemZFOsports 20LBs, 40LBs & 60LBs Adjustable Weighted VestPure fitness weighted vestsCross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest, 40 lbs (Camouflage)
Weight Distribution54544
Mobility/ Flexibility55445
Overall Comfort

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Other Factors

There are also few other factors that actually influence the overall quality of weighted vests such as user friendliness, size options, weight limits etc. Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO comes with 10lb weights with this vests package but one can buy extra weights if he wants to. Thus, it actually put little difficulties on weight limits for those who are not satisfied with only 10lb weights.

Unlike some other weighted vests such as Titin Force Weighted Shirt System, all the weights of Hyper Vest are adjustable. You can very easily insert in and take out the thin well build metal weights. This is a plus point for Hyper vests over other close competitors because for weight adjustment or washing you might be needed to be taken out the weights frequently. And, believe me, you won’t like it if you have to fight over this task each and every time.

Other Quality FactorsHyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Unisex 10-Pound Adjustable Weighted Vest for Fitness WorkoutsTitin Force Weighted Shirt SystemZFOsports 20LBs, 40LBs & 60LBs Adjustable Weighted VestPure fitness weighted vestsCross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest, 40 lbs (Camouflage)
Suitability for both gender54353
Size option55333
Size option43545
Using complexity54444
Other benefits (therapeutic)35333

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This vest has a unisex design. Both man and women can use this vest for maximum comfort. This is an interesting feature. One vest in a family can serve all the members. Among the best five weighted vests, only Pure Fitness Weighted Vests possess this feature after Hyper vests. Hyper vests give you six size choice options, more than any of the other top competitors. So, you will be able to find the perfect fitting for you no matter what is your size or shape.

I have talked about the outlook of these vests. There is nothing to say more about this. For its unique thin feature, this vests completely outrun its entire competitors in this field. However, Titin weighted vests have also a great outlook of its own kind.

Hyper Vest PRO contains a special odor resistance material that rules out the odor problem. Further, this vest is easily washable that is another relief factor for its users. Other then Hyper vests pro, only Titin weighted vests took odor problem seriously and solve this problem effectively.

Now, dear reader, you can realize why I have claimed that Hyper Weighted Vest is the best weighted vest among the bests.  Isn’t it obvious?!!

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