Want to loss extra weights? Motivation is the key

Weight loss motivation

Motivation for weight loss

Motivation for weight loss is absolutely essential. If you aren’t motivated, you aren’t going to be successful. This doesn’t just apply to your fat loss efforts, it applies for anything in life – motivation is the driving force that pushes you to accomplish tasks along the way to achieving the ultimate goal.

When it comes to losing weight, ultimately your success will depend on how strongly motivated you are, it is the dedicated determination that comes from having a high motivation for weight loss that will push you through those barriers and plateaus that will undoubtedly occur during your weight loss journey.

Our motivation levels fluctuate each day and are dependent on how we interpret our various experiences – if you are to succeed with your goals you will need to overcome negative feelings with positive actions. We need to remember that everything that happened to us or in our life is just some neutral incidents. It’s on us to label them as a good or bad thing. Try to take each and every incident positively no matter how bad they seem at first. Mindfulness is the key to control your negative emotion. Increase your consciousness to track down your thinking when you face an unexpected event.

So how can you develop the motivation for weight loss required to achieve the kind of fat loss results you want? Well, reading this article is a great start! The vast majority of dieters will have a degree of motivation to lose weight as they have already taken action. It is the action that produces results and now that you are reading this post you have taken the first tentative steps towards a new you.

Believe in yourself can do the trick (weight loss motivation)

Believe in yourself can do the trick

The problem comes when you are faced with a challenge to that motivation; will you get up an hour early to exercise – even if you are tired? Will you choose the low-fat option when all your friends are eating ice-cream? Will you forge ahead even when results don’t seem to be as good as you imagined? Will you quit?

There will always be tough times – whenever we challenge the “status quo” we run the risk of failing our expectations. That is why we need to have a plan, we need to see the bigger picture and give ourselves time to achieve what we set out to do. The following 3 ideas will help you maintain your motivation for weight loss:

1 Accept yourself

Accept yourself Motivation

Accept yourself

The reason why most people fail in their quest for permanent weight loss is because they set unrealistic goals and consequently their motivation for weight loss nose-dives. We see the girl or guy on the television telling us we can look like them quickly and easily so we buy the product or service they are advertising. After a few weeks of hard work we fail to see the kind of results they promised and we give up. We believe we’ve failed.

You need to come to realize that most people don’t have the genetic predisposition to look like a fitness model or a Hollywood movie star – certainly not without months or even years of serious dedication. Once you begin to love yourself for who YOU are you will relieve the constant pressure to look “perfect”.

Acknowledge that you need to improve your body composition and realize that the only competition is with yourself – to be the best you can be. Just by implementing this one idea you will boost you motivation for weight loss dramatically, driving you on to make realistic improvements.

2 Set realistic short-term goals

Set short-term goal Weight loss motivation

Set short-term goal

People often make the mistake of setting a huge goal without outlining the smaller steps that it will take to achieve it. If you have this habit, you better get out of it – FAST! By refusing to set small “stepping stone” goals you are setting yourself up for failure, that huge motivation for weight loss you began with will soon become huge resentment.

By setting short-term goals you will be able to easily measure your progress and feel exhilarated when you achieve each milestone. These smaller goals could be set each week as you achieve one, move onto the next. An example of a small goal would be “By the end of the week I will have lost 1 pound” or “I will eat 6 small meals each day this week”.

Motivate yourself to work harder

Motivate yourself to work harder

So to summarize – set a large ultimate goal but add in smaller “stepping stone” goals, so that you can boost that motivation for weight loss.

3 Focus on the positives

Focus on the positiveness Fat loss motivation

Focus on the positiveness

Many dieters have a tendency to look at the glass as half empty – focusing on the negatives. If you fail to achieve one of your weekly goals – don’t fret, simply go for that goal the following week. Making a list of all the positive things you have achieved is a good idea – even if it has nothing to do with weight loss – running these success stories through your mind will give you the confidence you need to stay on path.

Remember how far you have come and don’t judge yourself if you succumb to that chocolate bar every now and then – simply use it as an extra motivation to attack the diet with more vigor. Remember this: there is no failure – only feedback, use the feedback to improve and you will ensure your motivation for weight loss stays strong.

Keep your motivation high, stay determined, feel good about yourself and you too can add your journey to the hundreds of thousands of other weight loss success stories!

4 Visualize the person you want to become

Visualize the best of yourself (motivation for weight loss)

Visualize the best of yourself

Visualization is a very strong tool that can keep you motivated on the way to your ultimate goal. Have a clear objective will help you to use this tool effectively.
Spend some time to make a picture of yourself in your mind how you want to look when you reach your destination successfully. You may get some help from a picture of any fitness model. It may seem too much to you but believe me setting your ultimate goal big is better. But try to set a realistic time frame to achieve that goal.
Do this mind exercise everyday for five minutes. Visualize how you want to become, how your abs will look like, how strong you will feel, how many pullups or pushups you will be able to do; visualize in detail, try to create the mental feelings how you will feel your new body. When you visualize that try to believe that you will surely become like that after your predetermined time frame.
This is a form of mediation so a quieter and comfortable place is recommended for deeper level of concentration. However, if you cannot arrange proper setup for this you can do this visualization practice anywhere and anytime you want. Just stick to this practice consistently and you will thank yourself one day for this.

5 Watch fitness motivational videos

It is a fun and interesting thing you can do to keep yourself motivated. Sometimes you may not feel like to do all those hard works at the gym. A sudden fall of all your motivation can return after watching few motivational videos on YouTube. It works, believe me! Here is an example for your 🙂

6 Challenge your friend or yourself

If you have a rival with the same goal then you are blessed! A real competition with your friend can do a great deal in this “motivation field”. If you have no one like that, imagine someone at the gym as your rival; pick someone who is a bit ahead of you. Then set a time frame to beat him on some particular field i.e. weight, performances etc.
Join some online groups where you can take other’s challenges to complete a fitness goal. This is a fun way to get motivated and to know others from all around the world with similar goals. Hence, it will make your difficult weight loss journey more enjoyable. Bonus!

Challenge your friends (motivation for weight loss)

Challenge your friends

You can also complete with yourself. Many successful fitness models suggest doing that. Track your workouts everyday and then try to beat your record on the following day. For example, if you can do 20 pushups today then try to do at least 21 on the following day. Scaling yourself is a great way of progression; not only for this particular case, it’s also true in every aspects of our life.

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