The Best Professional Weighted Vest Review

TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System is the best professional weighted vest. This vest is specially designed for the professionals – athletes, players, actor/actress etc and for anyone who wants to increase his/her athletic performances i.e. speed, agility, strength etc.

Why TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System is the best professional weighted vest? Well, I will explain it to you step by step.


Titin Force Weighted Shirt System - The best professional weighted vest

Titin Force Weighted Shirt System – The best professional weighted vest

First of all, finding the best professional weighted vest wasn’t very easy.  Professional weighted vests are not like conventional weighted vests.  Specially because of their core purposes. Professional athletes wear these vests during their training to increase their speed, stamina and strength.  These vests are used for augmenting athletic performances.

A professional weighted vest should posses some extra qualities. They need to be comfortable, flexible and durable to withstand high intensive training activities like cross training, military, MMA etc. I had to check out dozens of weighted vests to find out the best one. Apparently there is only one weighted vest that I can recommend as truly the best professional vests. Yes, I am talking about Titin Force Weighted Shirt System.

Titin Force Weighted Shirt is a high quality professional weighted vest with innovative patented design. Rumor has, this vest was used by Daniel Craig to get shape up before his James Bond role in casino royal. No wonder, this thing has a super cool 007 bad ass look. 

Titin Force Weighted Shirt takes the whole weighted vest idea to a new level. This is not a mere weighted vest but a comprehensive “compression weighted shirt system”. Unlike other weighted vests it has used flexible hydro-gel as weights, placed strategically in fourteen different pockets of the vest.

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This weighted shirt system includes three parts:

  •  A zippered inner shirt with 14 pockets for weights
Titin 14 pocket inner shirt

14 pocket inner shirt

  • Weight packs of 8 lbs and
Titin weight packs

Weight packs

  • A double-stitched compression shirt that locks down the weighted inner shirt ensuring snug fitting


Titin- Compression shirt

Compression shirt

Editor’s Rating

 For the last one year I have examined dozens of weighted vests that are available in the market. Based on my elaborate research on those vests and also the user preferences I have find out twenty specific factors that actually determine the ultimate quality of a weighted vest. When I analyze an vests I score them out of five in each twenty factors and finally take the average score to find out the ultimate top 7 weighted vests.

In the following table I have shown the score of TITIN force weighted shirt system under each quality factors.

Editor's Ratings (Titin the best professional weighted vest)

Quality FactorsRatings (Out of 5)Quality FactorsRatings (Out of 5)
Price2Using complexity4
Comfort 4Weight limit3
Fitting5Running suitability5
Weight Distribution5Push-up/pull up 5
Weight Distribution4Cardio, aerobics5
Mobility/ Flexibility5Resistance training 5
Design5Odor problem5
Bulkiness4Eligibility of long time use4
Washable5User satisfaction4
Size option5Gender limitation4

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 The ultimate score of TITIN force weighted shirt is 4.3 out of 5 which is pretty high. This weighted shirt system would have scored much higher unless the price is that high. However, this is one of the best professional weighted vests at present even with its high price. If you can manage to spend some extra dollar then this is a highly recommended product for you, this will get you in great shape and performance twice as fast by simply wearing it during your regular workout.  

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The best professional weighted vest

The best professional weighted vest


Product Features


One of TITIN’s unique feathers is its perfect fittings. The manufacturer rightfully claimed TITIN as the “world’s ONLY weighted compression apparel”. The inner shirt contains the gel weights inserted in fourteen different pockets distributed strategically all over the shirt. You can easily wear and remove this shirt through front zipper. This inner shirt is quite snug itself; moreover there is another shirt for wearing over this inner one. The outer shirt keeps all the gel weights in place and compressed so that they doesn’t move around even under most intense working-out regime.

In this department TITIN scored perfect 5 out of 5! 

Workout Suitability

This weighted shirt is specially designed for intense and strenuous workouts with high space movements. The weights doesn’t swing around and will hug your body snugly makes the workout more intense. But, it doesn’t give any uncomfortable impact or hampers your movement.  That is why; it is perfect for almost any kind of training i.e. walking, jogging, sprinting, skipping, any types of drilling or cross training program i.e. Shawn T’s Insanity Asylum program etc. In addition, you can do any kind of body weights workout like push ups, pull ups while wearing this vest easily.

TITIN gives you maximum mobility, while wearing this shirt you can easily move your upper arms that made it eligible for weight trainings as well.

Great thing is both the inner pocket shirt and the outer compression shirt are made with moisture wicking materials. This feature keeps you comfortable even under vigorous training sessions. 

Odor and Germ Protection

 TITIN’s inner and outer shirt made of a special material that soaked out the sweats generated during workouts. Thus, this shirt eliminates the odor and germ problem which is a major issue for many users. So, you don’t have worry about this embarrassing problem and can concentrate on your workout problem comfortably.      


Not many weighted vests withstand continuous abuse of intensive workouts, so after few days you will see them loosen up in stitches areas. Whereas TITIN shirt is made of incredibly durable material and the stitches are pretty strong too, you don’t have to worry about its wellbeing during intense workouts at all.

The gel like weights is also very sturdy as well. Also they have a life time warranty which is a great relief for its users. There is another thing that I need to mention here, TITIN weighted shirt system’s customer care is extremely efficient. If you find any problem in your vests then just let them know – they have a very good reputation of considering your problem as their own. 

Other uses

 Titin Force Weighted Shirt can be used for heat and cold therapy to easy up muscle injuries/soreness. According to the manufacturer the Hydro-Gel inserts can be heated in a microwave or cooled in a freezer to be worn during or after workouts, providing 30-40 minutes of hot or cold therapy. This, you can also use for cooling down after a hard hot workout session.     


TITIN force weighted shirt is comfortable enough to wear them a long tedious intensive workout without any injury or soreness in your body due to the weights. 8lbs isn’t much, also the weights are made of flexible heavy gels, so there is no chance of uncomfortable frictions between any parts of your body and the weights. This is an issue for may weighted vests where weights are made of heavy metal or sand bags.    

The weights are distributed evenly and strategically to provide maximum balance. Thus, reduces any chances of injury during strenuous exercise. As the weights are compressed to your body tightly this shirt doesn’t need any extra padding for these weights.

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  • Great product for jogging and other body weight exercise
  • Hydro-gel are used as weight which is very comfortable
  • Unlike other weighted vest this vest will not give you any discomfort in your shoulder area
  • Can be used for hot and cold therapy
  • Weights are evenly distributed all over the chest, stomach, arms and upper back
  • Snugly fit to your body
  • Doesn’t swing or bounce during running
  • Suitable for both man and women
  • Well constructed and able to withstand rough use
  • Odor protected design
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect to wear regardless the weather


  • Expensive
  • The edges of the gels aren’t cut properly which may give you a hard time to insert them into the pockets
  • Taking off the inner shirt after workout can be little tricky
  • You can not add more weights than 8 lbs

There are many weighted vests you can find in the market. Most of them are OK for regular low intensive workouts like jogging, push up or  pull ups etc. These vests are normally used for increasing normal workouts to burn some extra calories. But, when you consider a vest for augmenting your athletic performance then you should choose a vest specially designed for that. Titin is no doubt is the best professional weighted vest that will support you to achieve your desired performance level faster.

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  • You may face some problem while taking off the shirt after working out for its snug feature and all the sweats your body generates from hard work. Fortunately, you can easily solve this problem by ordering a size bigger shirt.
  • Try to avoid washing the gels. Actually, the gels do not need water washing; instead just hang them in the open air after working out to dry away the sweats.
  • The shirt is machine washable; however, hand washing is a better idea to my opinion.

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